June 17, 2024

Teaching Textbooks 4.0: Why It Works for Us

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Who here can confidently say they fully understand all concepts introduced in your child’s grade level for Math?


Yes, even though my children are in first, second, and fourth grades, and yes, even though I experienced Math in grades K-12, not to mention several college courses in TEACHING MATH, I still cannot confidently say that I understand all the math that’s out there. Why does this happen? If we’re being honest, some things we just forget because we don’t use those concepts on a day to day basis. But, if I’m also being honest, 9 times out of 10, I typically remember very quickly once I get a tiny nudge from a google search or my iPhone calculator. Now I also get those moments of recall from my children’s Teaching Textbooks 4.0 lectures because they help refresh my memory while introducing new concepts to each of my children.

I’ve honestly been interested in Teaching Textbooks since I first began homeschooling in 2013. Back then I had a lone two year old and we were venturing into the world of fun preschool and “play” school learning together. I certainly did not need a math curriculum. But I do remember venturing to my local homeschool fair because YES I was truly THAT excited to embark on our homeschooling journey together. I also remember talking to the nice representatives at the Teaching Textbooks booth that (at the time) was just beginning to dive onto a digital platform from their CD ROM and printed textbooks of yesteryear.

Once it was time for a true math curriculum and my oldest guy was ready for it, I was eager and excited to try out Teaching Textbooks starting with their first level, Math 3. At the time it was their 3.0, web-based version and since then they’ve updated to a 4.0 app-based version that is available both on and offline on a variety of devices!

AND, let me tell you…it is truly ONE OF A KIND!

We’ve been a Teaching Textbooks family ever since I had a child old enough to use it. He is now in 4th grade and wrapping up Math 5 this school year. His mathematical understanding has grown leaps and bounds since we began learning basic math at the tender age of 3. He displays a confidence with math facts and often remembers funny questions from the daily lessons he’s done over the last few years. I can honestly say that Teaching Textbooks saved his interest and confidence when it comes to math.

Then there’s this little firecracker pictured below. She’s 6.5 and about three-fourths of the way finished with Math 3, holding strong at a 98% course average. She knows her math and knows it well. If it weren’t for this curriculum, I’m not sure that she’d be as far along as she is now.

Bonus Rounds: Every few lessons there is a fun bonus round upon completion of that day’s lecture and practice problems. On these lucky days, my kids race into my husband’s home office and yell “Dad! Bonus Round!” and he comes to their assistance. They shout out the answers and he types in their responses. Obviously they can do this on their own, but they love to do this part of their math curriculum with their dad. (Plus, it’s pretty darn cute if you ask me). He’s even commented that he enjoys knowing where they’re at, and continues to be impressed with how quickly they can recall basic math facts.

There are so many benefits and features that I absolutely love about Teaching Textbooks 4.0.

Pause Feature: One huge benefit is that my subscription is for a full calendar year, but if I feel the need to pause it for a week or more for schooling breaks, vacations, or illness, I CAN! They offer up to 3 months of pause time with no penalties. In the past I’ve paused for a bit each summer and typically for a couple of weeks during the holiday season. You do have to pause for a minimum of a week at a time, so keep that in mind and plan accordingly.

Two (or Three) Birds with One Stone: I have three kids. I grew up with one brother, so three kids seems like A LOT more kids to me. (Yes, I know it’s not.) I love that my three children can simultaneously complete math on different devices. It is easy for them to log on independently and begin their lessons each day. I also love that I don’t have to sit through teaching three separate math lessons everyday. Y’all, if I had to teach THREE different math lessons every single day, I don’t know that I’d make it through. I’m of course totally being sarcastic, but I also know that you understand what I’m saying here. Teaching three math lessons is a huge undertaking and one that I am happy to share with my BFF, the lecture computer voice man of Teaching Textbooks (whoever he is). Bless you good sir.

Video Lectures, Hints, and Parental Controls (oh my!): The video lectures do the teaching for me, but if my child hits a snag I can always help them out quickly. If for some reason I’m not available because I’m with another child, TT offers hints for the student to help guide them in the right direction. AND, hints are a feature that can be turned off or on by adjusting parental controls (if you feel your child is relying on them a bit too much). I’ve found that I typically keep the hints feature set to on because they truly only use a hint when needed.

Second Chance and Tutor Hotline: Once your child takes advantage of the hint feature a second chance is typically offered (unless it’s a true/false type of question). If that second chance is still answered incorrectly there is the option of seeing HOW the problem should have been approached with a step-by-step explanation. If the hint, and the second chance, and the step by step explanation are of NO help to your child or you for that matter, guess what?! Teaching Textbooks has a tutor hotline! I will be honest and say that I’ve yet to have to actually call the tutor hotline, but I’m sure it is a very helpful tool when things just do not make sense. TT is so sure that they can offer the assistance your child needs that they guarantee a refund if the tutor hotline doesn’t sufficiently help learning progress.

Instant Feedback: I have two words for you mama…AUTOMATIC GRADING!!! Sound the bells and pour that second cup of coffee, you do not need to sit around grading math problems anymore! Your time is valuable and grading takes time. I don’t even think that’s the best part of the grading feature. Your child gets instant feedback. They know where they stand on each problem, lesson, and overall with a course average in their grade book. My kids have high expectations of themselves and enjoy knowing their grades. If by chance they feel the grade is too low, I can go back into parental controls and allow them to try lessons a second time.

At least a couple times a quarter, my children have to take grades in for their jiu jitsu coach. His goal for his students is always A/B Honor Roll. Having the overall course average so easily displayed for each of my kiddos makes this SO extremely easy for me. I’ve even just pulled the grade book right at the dojo for him to see their progress!

Country Roads, Take Me Home: Let me explain. We live on a gravel road on top of a mountain. We do not have the fastest of internet speeds up here (we’re working on it, but as of right now it’s just not in the cards for us). We also are on the go a lot and spend a good deal of time in the car daily to sports practice and other places around town. Because 4.0 is app based, my kids can complete assignments offline! Once we’re connected to the wifi again their progress syncs up, and all is well in the world. So, if by chance little sis didn’t finish her math during the day and we’re out the door on the way to an appointment, she can bring our iPad and complete it on the way. No excuses!

Teaching Textbooks is compatible with nearly everything! Devices and operating systems include Windows, MAC, Chromebook, iOS (iPhone and iPads) and Android phones and tablets as well.

I could go on and on y’all. Teaching Textbooks is just an absolute game changer for me (and I felt that way BEFORE they updated to 4.0 and became even more amazing). Are you in need of a new math curriculum for the coming school year? Do you have a child in public school that could use a quick math lesson each day this summer? I have two favors to ask of you then:

  1. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL! They don’t expire, and you can get as many levels as you want to try out. Each trial makes the first 15 lessons available to you for free with ZERO obligations required (that means you don’t have to enter in that credit card number until you are positive you want to join in on the fun).
  2. Once you have used that free trial, come tell me about it! Talking about homeschool curriculum is actually a FUN conversation for me (I know, I’m a special kind of person, ha). I want to know what you think!

In the meantime you can also enter the generous giveaway hosted by Teaching Textbooks. One winner will receive a one year enrollment to a level of choice from Teaching Textbooks 4.0. Please enter using the form below, share with your homeschool (and math) loving friends, and GOOD LUCK!

*GIVEAWAY is now closed and the winner has been contacted.

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